The Breastfeeding Support Bus is finally here. It has been a dream that we have worked hard to realise and to achieve as a collective.

What is The Breastfeeding Support Bus?

The Breastfeeding Support Bus is the dream of Madelaine McMahon. Working as a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Doula, Maddie witnessed the lack of support experienced by mothers and parents, together with the desperation and needless suffering that this lack of support caused.

Year on year there were government funding cuts that left maternity services including breastfeeding support at a crisis point. Maddie dreamed of a better world, a world that gave optimum (not minimum) support that would nurture new mothers, parents and babies; where mothers and parents are provided with evidence-based information.

Maddie understood that nurtured families are the core foundation-root of a strong and healthy life long physical and mental health of a family unit.

In late 2017 while teaching a Doula course, Maddie mentioned her dream in passing and unknown to her at that time, she inspired one of her students, Zohar Marer.

Having experienced devastating impact from lack of breastfeeding support herself, Zohar was so moved by Maddie’s vision. The idea of a UK-travelling mobile support bus haunted her for the weeks that followed the Doula course and on an icy cold morning in early November, she called Maddie and told her that she will be setting up a charity to realise the vision of the bus. At the time, it seemed so impossible and unrealistic that the vision would become a reality – where would funding come from, who would do all the work? – and so, Zohar named the charity: Maddie’s Miracle.

The purpose of the Breastfeeding Support Bus is to provide support and to reach isolated communities, women and parents in vulnerable circumstances, those in areas of deprivation.

The secondary purpose of the bus is to raise awareness of the disparities and issues surrounding breastfeeding, as well as to provide support to grassroots breastfeeding support groups and charities through collaboration, partnerships and shared resources.

What does the bus look like?

The best way to see the latest images of the bus is to follow our Instagram where we have photos and reels. These photos show some of the development of the conversion.

How can I request the Bus?

Whether you are an individual or a group/charity, you may request the bus and we can try to connect you with its scheduled route.

Please contact us here to enquire:

For organisations/groups, please see our ‘Request the Bus’ page.